My name is Edoardo Costa, from Baceno (North of Italy). I am an empathetic and communicative person with a passion for political science and international relations. My course of studies has never isolated me, leading me to engage intensively in two projects with social and cultural purposes. My work experiences have asked me flexibility and versatility and my course of studies provided me with skills that can benefit your work. 

I am looking for an opportunity to prove the value of my academic and extra-academic background and I deeply believe to be your candidate. My university degrees in political sciences and my work experiences can help me better understand the current political context. During my erasmus program at the University of Antwerp I developed technical skills such as adequate draft creation (policy papers, memos), the capacity to deliver presentations, and the familiarity with policy analysis. Moreover, thanks to my studies and especially to the work I’ve done to write my thesis I’ve developed a deep knowledge about lobbyism and it’s regulation among different countries and at the European level.


Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Bogotá (Colombia) – Internship

– Research on the post-conflict in Colombia

– Collaboration with Mr Julio Cesar Cepeda Ladino in drafting an article about the European Union intervention in Colombia and how to implement the university macro-project MAIIP (Alternative Model of Inclusion and Innovative Production)

– Hold conferences on the macro-project MAIIP in other Universities

Service Center for the Territory, Domodossola (Italy) – Internship

– Internship in a second level association that coordinates all the voluntary associations of Verbano Cusio Ossola and Novara Provinces (Northern Italy)

– Provide assistance for the tendering of European and National projects
– Creation of fliers for events organized by the Service Center or by other voluntary associations

European Parliament, Bruxelles (Belgium) – Internship

– Attending PETI and ENVI committees, political group meetings and drafting summary reports to the MEP

– Develop political analysis

– Secretarial tasks

ARS.UNI.VCO (Development of culture, research and university studies in the Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola), Domodossola (Italy) – Internship

– In charge of organizing different events and conferences

– Taking part in the project “New Generation for the Alps” held in Cortina (BL) on 26/27 June at 53 ° Permanent Committee of the Alpine Convention.

– Secretarial tasks (answering telephone calls, handling correspondence, managing appointments, arranging the agenda)

Gruppo Giovani Antigorio (Nonprofit Association), Baceno (Italy) – Founding member and president

– Organization of annual events (30KEUR budget each)

– At the age of 18 I’ve founded and I’ve been the president for three years of two young cultural associations which I still manage the organization for yearly festivals where cultural, music and sport elements come togheter


Master Degree in Economic Politics and International Institutions  University of Pavia, Pavia (Italy)

This Master course was established as a joint program between the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pavia, and with its multidisciplinary approach aims at providing students with the proper tools to analyze and tackle current issues related to international

Thesis on “Interest representation in Italy. The Italian case and the European opportunities”

Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science and International Relations EQF level 6 University of Pavia, Pavia (Italy)

This course of study provides basic training activities in six subject areas: law, economics, political science, sociology, statistics and history. It also offers lessons in foreign languages to provide or consolidate language skills and to introduce students to the knowledge of specialized lexicons

Thesis on Alpin Convention, Task Force “New Generation for the Alps”

10 months Erasmus Program at the University of Antwerp Antwerp (Belgium)

The University of Antwerp offers internationally accredited academic teaching based on scientific research. It aims at the development and integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will prepare its students to take responsibility in society.


Lobbying, environment and transparency in decision-making processes – The European Union as a model for Italy

Edoardo Costa, Rivista Giuridica dell’Ambiente, Giuffré Editore, Milano, 2017


Participation of the European Union in the Construction of Peace Laboratories in Colombia. Experiences acquired for the Alternative Model of Inclusion and Innovative Production (MAIIP) in Viotá, Cundinamarca

Edoardo Costa and Julio Cesar Cepeda Ladino, Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Bogotá, 2016

“Interest representation in Italy. The Italian case and the European opportunities”

Edoardo Costa, Thesis, University of Pavia, Pavia, 2016




Via Roma 89, 28861
Baceno (VB)